It is the weekend, and once again it is time to gather round at Row Z to talk during all of the fantastic matches this weekend. There are a lot of matchups, but only one really matters. It is Everton v. Liverpool in the FA Cup Semifinal. Everton takes some great form into the match, while Liverpool have had a variety of problems. That said it is a derby match so any chance of form mattering went out the window faster than Johnny Evans chasing after a woman. Of course, by the time you read this the match is probably over and I have most likely started to drink away my sorrows. The match schedule for the weekend is below, enjoy and stay safe kids. Oh and enjoy the video , I can’t embed it.

This conspiracy goes all the way to the top!

Earlier this month, Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish blamed Liverpool Football Club’s bad luck this year on a “conspiracy” against his team.

This claim leads to an obvious question: who couldn’t keep their fucking mouth shut?

San Lorenzo's stadium gets a new emergency exit.

Well, Boca Juniors is still on top this week, so that sucks if you’re not a Boca fan. The surprise of the week was Arsenal de Sarandí finishing in second place with a win over table footers Olimpo. It’s not surprising that Arsenal beat the weakest team in the league. It is surprising that other teams like Newell’s and Vélez faltered to allow El Arse to grab second.

A bit on Arsenal de Sarandí: the club was founded in 1957 by brothers Julio and Héctor Grondona in the neighborhood of Avellaneda, which already had two popular clubs: Racing and Independiente. In fact, the club takes its team colors (red and light blue) from those two clubs. The Grondona brothers went on to bigger things: you know Julio as “The Godfather”, the untouchable President for life of AFA and FIFA VP; Héctor served briefly as president of Independiente and passed away earlier this week. Arsenal has been in Primera since 2004 and managed to win the Copa Sudamericana in 2007 and the Suruga Bank Cup in 2008, massive achievements for such a small club. They’ve never won a league title.

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Oops. Wrong Baggies. Sorry.

It’d be a darn shame if we left you with nowhere to express your rage/joy/ennui over this afternoon’s footie. There’s a ton of matches on this afternoon, many of them simultaneously. This blows, as we’d all like to watch each game live, but will instead be forced to make some difficult choices or fire up the picture-in-picture-in-picture. Citeh host the Baggies, United visit the Latics, Arsenal should beat Wolves (jinx), there’s the Madrid derby and some great Serie matchups. And more.

I’m just going to highlight the most interesting matches below the jump, but you can get the .

Climbing the fence: Argentina's version of the Lambeau Leap.

Time to check back in on our pals at River Plate, trudging through the mire of Argentina’s second division. Did they lose again, you ask? Why, yes! Yes they did.

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Yea! go nPower Championship /vomits

Welcome back to our look at some of the possible contenders for promotion to the EPL this year. In our earlier article we looked at the top 5 teams in the Championship, and table we will look at the remaining four teams who have the best chance to qualify for the playoffs. All of these teams are within three points of each other, and with so few matches to play we are in for a wild ride.

It’s time for another edition of AM 452 the official podcast of FourFiveTwo. In this episode I am joined by Orr and MP as we discuss all the happenings around the soccer world. We cover conspiracy theories about refs, the stupid of good ole Mario, and even cover a little bit of the Championship. MP joins us 15 minutes in and we get his take on the title race, as well as a long conversation about the incompetence of referees in the EPL. We also cover some of the relegation fight, and the fight for Champions League places. This is a bit of a new format, and we just discuss some of the larger topics and avoid recapping matches. Let us know your thoughts, and as always either listen below or subscribe to us on iTunes.

Can we do this to the refs?

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This post originally appeared as a fanpost on .  It is reprinted here because I felt like it.

Willy Wonka is a dick.

Nobody lives happily ever after when they get what they want, because getting what you want sucks balls. Look at all the lottery winners who go bankrupt and have shitass lives after they win the lottery. Because you never actually get what you want. You only get what you think you want. And what you think you want isn’t actually what you want, because you’re a fucking idiot.

Such a pretty trophy

The last few matches of the English season are upon us, and while all eyes are firmly fixed upon the implosion that is Manchester City, or the exciting race for the final two Champions League places, we here at FourFiveTwo are focused on other things. In our 2 part series we are going to talk a look at the clubs competing for promotion in the nPower Championship. For those who are uneducated, or just live in Georgia,  The top two teams earn automatic promotion, while teams 3-6 compete in a 4 team playoff for the final promotion spot. This year several familiar teams are in the hunt, as well as a few who aren’t as well known. Enough gab and onto the teams.

So that's Lorber on the left, Skipjack in the middle, and Brian on the right?

FourFiveTwo, the internet’s leading source for elevated football discussion, is fortunate to be home to not just one, but two Tottenham Hotspur fans. In the wake of yesterday’s disappointing loss to Norwich, they got together to have a calm and rational discussion of Tottenham’s woes. Their polite and academic discussion is reproduced below.

Skipjack: So Harry Redknapp. Fuck that guy, huh?

Lorber: Completely fuck that guy. The full report at this link